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Casinoblogg is a site widely applauded by online players for its utmost dedication to its guests, members and fans alike. The growth of this site keeps going from strength to strength and has far surpassed our expectations! Casinoblogg has become widely known as one of the most unbiased and interactive information sites on the on the web today about the best casinos online. Such reputation is not easily achieved or earned, though, and it is mainly owed to the writers efforts continuously thinking of new ways of engagement and providing more accurate and factual substance to our members by interacting with them to exchange experiences, capitalise and share to the minute news on what is happening NOW in the world of online gambling.

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What the fuck? (Yes on Casinoblogg we can write the word “Fuck”) Wait a minute mate.  You´ve spelled the name wrong. Blog only has one G in it. Well you see, we are Swedish and the main site is in Swedish and then blog is spelled blogg. The site got very popular with English speaking people that wrote to us and said that they google translate the site because of they had some friend that said you have to read it blah blah blah. Now, if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes…well then we ask you…do you understand Swedish? Is it maybe better to Google translate a Swedish site? If you answered NO to the two previous questions then you can continue reading…mate.

What we do?

We continuously look through many gaming sites across the far reaches on the internet and we have realized and came to a concerning conclusion that a large percentage of them are regrettably boring and meaningless. There just seems to be a lack of creativity and user engagement. But fortunately for you, Casinoblogg are on hand to find those golden nuggets for you to enjoy and with any luck, join our community along with many other gaming enthusiasts to share experiences (highs and lows) of and of course the best casinos online!

To save you time and effort, soon there will be a carousel window that will show you what deals and offers our other visitors are clicking on, talking about and looking at in real time to make sure your not missing out on anything and link you up right away!

We always list our current favourites, and of course we have a top ten list of the best casinos online that we think is best (these continuously change by either personal experiences or simply find an excellent new-comer that has jumped a place above and established casino!). Casinos that make it near the top of our list do they end up on our top list is not decided over some crazy algorithm or how many TV ads we see on TV. We base it on a variety of factors, including registering and first deposit ease, game play and of course the important withdrawal terms mixed with a lot of gambling!

The best casino online?

LeoVegas is probaly one of the best casinos online right now, we use it a lot and have tested almost every element that the brand have to offer. They always keep us coming back for more due to constant refreshing offers and new games coming out often. Therefore it is the only online casino so far with full marks from us, that is, five stars out of five possible.

We’re a little superstitious here because if there is an online casino that we constantly win on and a casino we constantly lose on, yes of course we will be slightly bias towards the site that gave me many withdrawals. Make sense I guess!

Although, Casinoblogg does not stop there. Our constant endeavour for further developments on this site and raise awareness of the range of what we offer to our hardcore members only resulted in yet another brainwave – video interviews. What this instrumentality mean is that Casinoblogg are to implement a brand new way of communication to our visitors which will take the relationship of our dear fans and bring interaction within the gambling world to a new level. Pretty cool huh?

On our site, you will soon see video interviews that will be related to the most current news and goings on in the online gambling industry; however, the first few will of course be consecrated to some brief introductions from our proficient staff writers here at Casinoblogg, and of course answers to interesting and  provocative questions put before i-gaming and the best casinos online today.

Additionally, you can rest assured that additional info about Casinoblogg, its blogs, articles, news, and the latest developments of the site, all of which will help you navigate around your gambling bible will be updated be updated at all times and not just left to gather cobWEBs as we like to call static sites we have came across during early development of what you see before you. You will be able to check out our monthly video newsletter in English and Swedish, which will contain the latest ‘limited time only’ casino bonuses and of course any other amazing deals and promotions we find along our journey from the only the best casinos online.

And as Casinoblogg wouldn’t be around without you, we will always care about your opinions the most. So go ahead, browse the site and enjoy the new content we have prepared for you. We look forward to reading about your experiences, and our experts are on hand to respond to questions you may have about pretty much another related to the gambling industry.

Casino Bonus

Casino bonus, should I use that? Will it be to my benefit? Many people are wondering about this so let us try and clear the pros and cons about casino bonuses. Will a good casino bonus make the online casino better? Not really, no. According to our experience a casino bonus is good but that is not the game changer to decide if the casino is the best casino online. It is however an important factor to consider. High bonuses are an indication that the casino can afford it and that they are prepared to take a higher risk to get you as a customer.

Then you have to check the wagering of course. Normally you have to wager your balance or just the casino bonus 35 times. Important to check if it is just the bonus you have to wager or the whole balance i.e. including your deposit. If an online casino gives you a bonus of €2000 and then you have to wager that 70 times. Is that a good bonus then? Probably not.

The rule of thumb is if you like to play slots then the casino bonus is usually a good thing. If you instead like to play Black jack or Roulette then you don´t have so much use for it as the wagering is much higher for those type of games.

Responsible Gaming

Here at Casinoblogg we believe that sports betting, poker and casino games should be played for fun and entertainment. However, we also realise that gambling can be addictive and that there is always a risk that players can gamble a little too much.

When a gambler loses the sense of fun that casual gambling is meant to give you, it means that they have a problem. They may start to look at gambling as a way to make money or worse still they keep on gambling to try and win back money they may have previously lost. They sometimes believe that they have luck on their side or abilities above and beyond the game that they are playing that his luck may be about to change. When you gamble not just for that rush and you find yourself chasing losses and betting more, the result is a vicious circle of increasing losses and increased betting to recover the losses.

If you would like to know more about responsible gambling then please go to: http://www.gamcare.org.uk/